Monday, March 1, 2010

Brain Games

Sub-conscious brain is perhaps the most powerful tool that man has been gifted with. The problem is that its like a double-edged sword. And most of us do not know how powerful it is and upon mastering its control, how much more fulfilling one's life can be.

For better understanding, let us take the example of 'Bhool Bhulaiya' and 'Karthik calling Karthik' . For the uninitiated, these are B' wood films deal with the adverse effect of sub-conscious brain, or mental disorder, in short. However, what both the films portray, is how strong a person's inner will can be. It can create a completely new person out a man/woman and it can adversely affect our conscious self.

Although both the films show sub-conscious brain in a bad light, what is undeniable is the fact that sub-conscious brain has surprising, almost super-human powers.

Controlling our sub-conscious brain is the ultimate self-realization of a human being. And the only way this can be achieved, is by developing a strong-willed conscious brain. When we truly and consciously believe in our abilities and wishes, a connection between both the mind-sets is snapped closed. And then our sub-conscious brain unleashes its effectiveness.

But the belief has to be unabashed, true and pure.

Take for example walking- You never fall on solid ground because you are supremely and truly confident about your walking-credentials (I know, I'm overrating the art of walking.). But the second you are blind-folded, you stumble. That's not because of the blindfold, it's because your conscious mind red flags the thought of falling and the sub-conscious mind doesn't waste time in realizing it.

So, try to believe in your goals and aspirations. Act as if they have been achieved. If you want to be happy, BE HAPPY. Or at least act as if you are. The results will surprise you.

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