Friday, March 5, 2010

A Comic Situation

I flip through the pages of my old Champaks and Chacha Chaudharys. The pages are still crisp and the yellow tinge adds a hint of value to them, as time does to wine. I can't help but wonder, where those days of halcyon went?

Comics meant everything to me as a kid. And not the Marvels and DCs mind you. What fascinated me were the Billloo, Pinki, Raman, Sabu, the affable Chacha C and not to forget the Nagrajs and Dogas. Our very own Diamond and Raj comics were dearest to me.

But with each passing year, the quality of content deteriorated and so did my (and probably others') interest. Diamond is as good as non-exist ant and Raj comics have lost the art of story-telling.

It puzzles me, when I get hold of one of these 'modern' Chacha Chaudharys- should I cry at the lame and stale one-liners or should I laugh at the alarming frequency at which the colour of Chachaji's turban changes every 5 pages. Sometimes, I hardly ever get through 5 pages!

Comics in India is AILING. We need more Prans. We need sharper minds and willing people going into this floundering industry. Comics are a significant part of our history, and they ought be preserved.


  1. AD, For me what makes it worse is that I am not able to share this joy of our childhood with my children - @maddytwit

  2. It is sad.... To exaggerate the influence of technology on every minuscule thing existing...the quality and originality are compromised... I used to b a fan of indrajal comics... chacha chaudhary n sabu were a relief bcoz they reminded of every affectionate thing happening in neighbourhood.. it is no longer true!

  3. maddy, yes, comics are part of our childhood that sadly aren't a part of todays tweens' lives. Shubha, creativity is majorly compromised in todays comics. Solution- bringing smarter minds and professionalism into comics industry.

  4. I have to say, you've spoken my mind...I used to be an avid Chacha Chaudhary fan myself, and also of other Diamond Comics characters....and all I can feel now as I see the pitiful state they're in, is sadness, and an aching feeling wells up within me... :| :[ How I wish those glorious days of yore returned...!