Friday, February 26, 2010

Addicted to Blame

Lets not mince words here, cause this thing really pisses me off.

How many of you think that Twitter is an addiction?

I mean, gimme a break! When was the last time you (or anyone, for that matter) thought that sharing doodles with your friends was an addiction?

To those few who are giving a thought to the above question(if you are, c'mon get a life... or a Twitter account.) Socializing may have been harmful in caveman days when people used club each others' heads in the name of inter-personal communication.

Mainstream media here in India is hell-bent on proving Twitter an addiction. The only (and perhaps the decisive) arguement against this conclusion is that socializing is a human need, it completes a person. It defines the human race and binds us togather. Existence is impossible without interaction. Even war and crisis need socialization.

And about the addiction thing, lets see an example-

"Oh my dad's dead, (laconic smile) Why not tweet this....."
To those few who do not think this scenario as naive and funny and think that there is a serious possibility that such a thing could happen, you might as well stop reading this post now.

And you know what's really crappy about all this? To hear all that s**t about twitter-addiction and in the end- "What did you think about todays show? Tweet us at @hitmeIamanas**le"

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