Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Fact About Fiction

The world has seen a lot of talented fiction writers. Their ideas were new, appealing and gave a new meaning to their (and others') lives. But what was that one thing that made them so special?

There are hundreds of 'writers' guide' that keep incessantly gloating about doing things 'differently'. In fact, if something is stale, it is these rhetoric. But then, (I hate to sound repetitive) what was the thing that clicked for these brilliant minds?

We are born and brought up by our parents, and by the time we are capable of brewing intelligent thoughts, we develop what I like to call a 'cast'. The ideas that come into our mind must fit into this cast, lest it displease a section of our society. It is like writing for others, we are more interested to make our ideas and writings sound sensible rather then making them sound interesting. Sample this: You won't ask your neighbour if he or she likes beige or metallic interiors when you are painting your house, would you?

Of course, sounding somewhat logical is called for but your fantasy should follow your logic not the world's norms.

That's what these fiction writers did, they could shake off the constraints of trying to justify their writings and write for themselves, ending up with classics and bestsellers.

But, its easier said than done (as every cool and awesome thing on self-help blogs and books is). Even the best writers can never completely uproot what they go by in the real world. At a certain level it will influence one's writing. But such a touch is involuntary and is either unpalpable or pleasing.

You can go "Oh that's easy," but you'll know exactly how tough it can get, when you write. At the end of every line, you'll be asking yourself, "Oh, what will people say to that?". These kinds of thoughts are very hard to ignore. But, once the self-realization sets in you'll find such questions melting away. You'll want to know how YOU will react to a line, and that's when your imagination will really take over.

It's not Mr President's G8 speech, its your world that we are talking about, your playground. So go, play God.

Its all about realizing that only YOU can write a book that you will love to read.

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