Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mapped-Writer's Brain

Recently I realized how much I banged my head on what I should write. I also realized how much our writing is influenced by our presumption of readers’ perception. I believe that a writer’s mind has what I call scopes (well I tried ADize the theory ;-), one that urges the writer to write what the readers want to read, one that urges him to pen down whatever his inner thoughts and feelings suggest and one which is a bit of both.

The first one is the safe mode. It tells you to write was the audience wants and is generally associated with rookies. I have to admit that even I was in sync with this scope, and its vestiges continue to exist in me. More often than not, it ensures that you are loyal to your readers, but the success depends heavily on grasp of the language and muses. Good way to start off, given that you don’t get the knack of it.

The second scope is the hard to hit and few have such a mind-frame. Can’t write much about it, I have never been in that mode. What I can tell is that it is comparable to subconscious brain, very powerful but equally hard to connect. Your work may not have many takers but it does manage a cult following.

Third and final scope is the purple patch and what I mean by ‘a bit of both’ is a mix of both styles of writing. THIS is hardest to achieve. Why? Because you have to volley between to mindsets with poles-like contrast. Having said that, most writers, (well, at least the ones who have gone through the grind) are in this frame of mind. Strange, but it is a fact.

Initially I had thought of ending it here, but later I had conflicting thoughts on the idea.
It came to me that a writers mind is too complicated to map and that there is a fine line between the second and third scope. In fact it is so fine that can’t be considered a line. Hmm.... food for thought. What do you think? Drop in a line.


  1. I had been blog writing from 2005, first trying to figure out what a blog meant...:)
    I was on a roll till mid 2007...and till then it was the the 2nd scope u mention....all from the heart :) I cant be any other.....and then got the writers block and stalled till I restarted lately...
    The first scope, in my opinion are the kind who are attention seekers, all over the blogging world seeking comments.......they suck.......grrr
    Liked ur post, have been observing bloggers and this one is awesome and straightforward representation....

  2. Ya Even I am a Writer
    But After Watching "Welcome To Sajjanpur" I Realized That Writing Involves Not Only Heart But also The Brain
    While the Heart Forces Us To Write The Things We Like But We are Stopped By The Fact That Will Our Brain accept This.
    But Later We Realized That Our Emotions Flow about Which We Write.
    Emotions Cannot Be Filtered By Brain or Heart.
    Follow Your Emotions

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