Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last Annual Day

It was my last Annual Day in the Middle School and I was excited to be a part of it. But all forces of nature seemed to be against this. I was feeling full, and that was obvious as I had gorged myself on any and every thing that was edible. By 5pm, my head was feeling wobbly.

I and my friends were discussing the taekwondo formation that we were part of. And suddenly,
A blue rabbit jumps out of thin air with a grey carrot in its mouth, glowing butterflies, psychedelic patterns, monkeys playing banjos, nana na na nah nana na nah........

I wake up leaning against the backstage wall. “We are due in 3hrs....” one of my friends mumbles to me. “Don’t worry.” I said. I tried my best to keep up, but I wasn’t feeling good. My stomach was odd and bouncy (bouncy??). I tried talking to my friends, trying not to think about my tummy. But it was useless. I was wishing my friend luck for his next act when
Four white crows flew in and perched on my head, crackers, blue rabbit’s back, goblins, turtles running fast. Why? Seagulls, pink fishes, Daffy Duck, Justin Timberlake, goofy, oh shit......
Pretty face..... I’m on the lap of the girl I had crush seventh heaven, ma’am talking to me....asking to quit.....yeah.....WHAT?! I can’t quit. Oh great I back to my senses.
After a long argument with my teacher (well not exactly an argument but something a shade milder than that) I went in for my performance. We were good. Nobody messed up his or her moves and the act went smoothly. After the usual indifferent clap for the bored audience we came back, and I was the man of the moment. My friends and teachers congratulated me for being able to carry myself well on stage. After the event was over, I rushed to parents and the very next second I was in their arms.
While returning home in our car I sat at the back soaking in all the praise for my courage. But why is Dad wearing a sky blue Santa hat. Oh shit....

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