Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Battle

And inevitably, it dawned upon me that my enemy was close. I could feel it, breathing down my neck, absolute and inevitable.
I look up and there it is, the monstrosity, staring me in the face. And in a fit of rage I pounce, only to get a response matching, and perhaps surpassing my own vigour.
We wrestle, like mad, rabid dogs, like we were battling for the first time, and the truth could not be farther. We fought, and fought and and we fought some more, until it was all over.
I got up, dusted myself and walked away, ready and perhaps a little bit wiser for the next time. Monday had been dealt with.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


I bought a pen today, from a face so sad,
It made me look at my life, and see the things that I've had.

You could see the pain of sorrow,for her eyes were misty and red,
You would not like to buy anything, but give her a hug instead.

So I bought the pen from her, and so happy she was, oh boy!
And I paid for it, not with money you see, I paid for it, with joy.