Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Linear Approach

Point (A) Blog starts here. Or does it? Let me give you an example:

I draw a line segment and name it AB.Now most of us immediately imagine "A" as the point were the line segment starts and "B" a the point where it ends. That pretty much sums it up.

Our perspectives are vaguely limited. Like , very few people will question the whether A and B are singular points on a plane containing a line segment or are they merely two points on an endless line/ Or is this the only line? Or are we talking about a magnified circle.

Before you (rightly) take me to be crazy, I would like to explain. What I meant was: Human beings have a tremendous quality and capacity to question things. The fact that we can question our existence signifies our evolved psyche. Questioning things has brought us where we are, not only in terms of  exploration or science, but also as a society (read all freedom movements.).
But how much of this capability do you really use? We don't triumphantly high five each other after we walk five paces, do we? Why not? Because we are capable of it. It's no big deal. So why is questioning our existence, or finding a deeper meaning so revered?
The fact that we can do it and so many of us do do it suggests that something like this comes naturally to us. The bigger question is : Are we knocking on the right doors?
Most of our theories regarding things that we don't quite understand are, well, brilliant. The genesis of universe, our concept of time are amazingly sensible and detailed. But that's what they are: concepts. What amuses me is our notion of "start and end".Everything we encounter must start and end. We are so obsessed with the idea of genesis and demise of objects that we tend to see things through that very scope. Things that may not essentially follow this rule. Things that perpetually go on, which do not start or end. What we do know is that this universe is a living, breathing entity. It's a dynamic explosion of chain reactions and a mind boggling cocktail of cause and effects. It's just that we are not looking at it correctly.

All I'm trying to say here is that time, the universe and other stuff (well, I don't know everything) could just not be a simple line segment. It could be layers of sheets, universes co-existing and continuing in amazing harmony, with time ebbing and flowing around this beautiful arrangement. For start and end are terms that are merely human. For all we know, our existence is one big, dynamic perpetuality. Confusing? Let me clear this up with an example, go to Point (A)


  1. Quite an interesting post to start with :D and yes I am at point A you be at point B (read blog :P) Congratulations Abhishek :-)


  2. Great Abhishek.
    Do agree that points A & B depend on our perspective. Also, on our location & allegiance... Our personal views may be dictated by superior powers...
    We don't know so much e.g. what happens after death!
    We happily debate on the Big Bang Theory & any & every topic... :)
    Keep Blogging!