Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Nature of Our Being

"And ladies and gentlemen, it is done. The Final Front have defeated The Reign! The word monarch has fallen.", veteran central T.V. anchor Rajon Gulliver announced.

"This is the end of an era. The class society has been defeated, the slaves rejoice at the Center Arch as we speak. This is landmark news, isn't it Edna?"

Edna, the co-anchor, reciprocated the beaming, glee-filled radiance that his fellow anchor was portraying,
"It definitely is Rajon. It is the day people were waiting for. Liberation from the hierarchical society we are living in. And a hope for a classless world, the far fetched dream of an Utopia that finally seems possible..."

"I'm sorry Edna, I'll have to cut you there, we have the Commander Latheos, live from the Center Arch. Commander, it is over, 20 years of bloody war, and now it is all over."

"Yes, happiest days of our lives! Now we can go forward with Project Regen. A perfect world is
waiting for us!"

"Yes Commander, indeed it is. Say, Commander, just for our young viewers and for the uninitiated,
I doubt there are any, please repeat our grand plans for the ultimate renaissance."

"It will an honour. In search of a classless society and a world where everyone is an equal, we take some drastic but necessary steps. First, we give up all technology, in order to come clean with nature and pay
her our tribute, for we have wronged her. Next, and more importantly, we all take the Red Pill, that will be provided to each person by Final Front representatives. This pill will take us into a deep sleep and we wake up with no memory of this wretched present.We wake as free men, equal men. And then it is done."
"The clocks shall be reset and man shall be reborn.This will be the corner stone of our Utopia,  and we shall call it Earth."

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  1. Very imaginative indeed. :)

    But shouldn't everyone just take the blue pill instead?

  2. There is just the Red One. :)
    Not matrix. :P or is it? :P

    1. The matrix would be easier to reset I guess. :D :P

      But if the final front actually does take control in a bloody battle that lasts twenty years, there won't be a professional broadcast, no?
      It would be like the naxalites defeating the Indian army. There would be a battle weary general laughing at old newspapers (that probably stood for the old order to him) and making plans for forcefully administering doses to the populace. What do you think?

    2. This, you see was a popular cause. One that all supported, by that I wanted to portray the sheep mentality that we have. That the newsanchor were baised towards the revolution was only natural. Also, whatever we hear about the Reign is from the other camp. Who's to say they were bad? It's all about perspective. It's the inception of earth from a world that is not too different from where we are heading. The search for a perfect world could very well be a cycle.

    3. Establishment of a classless society is impossible, since the elite would never willingly agree to lose their advantage in the society, and the oppressed want nothing but to subvert and rise in the society. That's human nature. Society is a constant struggle of classes. The final front and their sympathizers are now the new elite. If you're saying the specific two reporters were on their side, that's possible, but can't be true across the board.
      Also, On ending up on the winning side of a bloody war, no human would just give away the advantage. Imagine Pakistan defeats India. Do you think they'd destroy their nuclear arsenal and give Balochistan freedom? No. They'd try to stick in a ceasefire and hold status quo. (Those bastards still have POK) When Final Front wins the war and defeat the elite, they'd keep their army in order to suppress any such uprising again (or that's the reason they'll probably give)

      TLDR; version:
      Final front may be a populist army, but dissolving all classes can never "really" be a popular cause.

    4. My point exactly. Classless society can never exist. It is a story of how earth was born. And look where we are today. And about giving up the advantage part, there never really was one, all the wanted to do was being an end to a reign.And what Final front wanted to do or not is pure conjecture, realism is no the scope here, if we were being real, it wouldn't have been called fiction. :)