Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pulp Fiction of a Different Kind

The CashBack
Meher was elated. Finally, it was her turn at the payment counter. She had never expected the line at the Mall to be so long! She cursed her roommate for giving her that cashback slip for the store. "No cashback is worth this!", she thought.
She dumped all her stuff in the counter and waited for the clerk to pack it up.

"That will be 600.", said the clerk.

Meher: "It's okay, I have this 50% cashback slip."

Clerk: "Okay, let me see. I'm sorry Ma'am. This slip seems to have expired. This won't count."

Meher: "What! Hey, this expired just yesterday. Come on, you can make an exception, can't you?"

Clerk: "I'm sorry Ma'am. You have to pay 600/-"

Meher: "Mister, I have been standing in this godforsaken queue for over an hour, waiting for this damn cashback. Hell, I don't even like this top all that much!"

Clerk: "Please calm down ma'am. I'm only stating the rules."

Meher: "You and your dumb rules. I want my cashback!"

Clerk(whispering): "Man, what a cheapo..."

Meher: "What did you say! I'm not giving a bloody buck for this top and I'm talking to the manager! Give me my stuff!"
And with that, Meher marched off to the manager's cabin. She had waited too long to give up on her cashback offer.

The Coupon
Rita was standing in the line. She sighed. It was like wasting five precious minutes of your life! Waiting in a Mall counter line is absolutely the worst kind of boredom. She was brought back to earth by yelling of some kind. Apparently, this lady in the front of the line was going Hail Mary on the poor clerk, all because of a cashback slip.
"Wow, that girl sure does love a good fight, doesn't she?", Rita thought to herself. She wasn't the fighting type.
She took a glance at her purse. It was there. The "Buy One Get One coupon". "I'll show the coupon, but if the guy disagrees, I'm gonna leave.", she thought to herself. After twenty minutes of drama at the counter and then some, finally it was Rita's turn. She put her stuff down and slowly slid forward the coupon towards the clerk.
The clerk took a hard look at the coupon, and then a look at her, and then said, "You may take a second pair of jeans Ma'am."
Rita was glad she didn't have to go through an ordeal like that other girl.Thank God for a valid coupon!

The Bargain
Rahul was exhausted. Today was not going well. As if it isn't bad enough that he is working part-time at this stupid mall, people also yell at him for stuff he can't do anything about!
He couldn't believe that people could fight tooth and nail for a cashback! And all this arguing and reasoning had left him feeling tired.
And now this. A pretty lady, not a loudmouth like the last one, standing in front of her, with a coupon, which was also past it's expiration date.
"Just my luck.", Rahul sighed.
He thought hard, but decided against fighting over it. He let her use the coupon. "The last thing I need is another yelling match.", he thought. He will handle his manager later.

Finally, his shift was over. His TV and bean bag were calling him.A glass of beer, some snacks.Heaven. Then, suddenly;
*Tak Tana Na Na Tandoori Nights Tandoori Nights*
His cellphone rang, breaking his chain of thoughts.It was Riya.

"Hi Jaanu, when are you coming back! I have great news!"

"What is it?"

"GFY Mall has this great offer, 50% discount plus Get One Free offer. It's a total bargain! Come back soon and we'll go. Our two month anniversary is close anyway."


"Did you say something jaan?"

"Na na, I'll see in an hour. Be ready."

Rahul sighed, "Just my luck."

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